Monday, May 23, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

I love chooks!
I want chooks!
I'm still waiting for my chooks!

There is nothing like the taste of fresh eggs and the knowledge of exactly what they have been fed and most important of all that they are Happy!
That they are free to roam wherever they want and bathe in the dust!
That they are warm when its cold, cool when it's hot and that they are loved!

This picture was taken from the internet but isn't is just precious. The little chick looks a bit ripped off. There's no room to snuggle under Mum with the great lump of an imposter stuck under there.
I don't have chooks at the moment but I am talking the boss around.
We had chooks before we moved here but 'he who wields the hammer' hasn't had time to build a chookhouse as he's been a bit preoccupied building 'our house'.
I have seen some extraordinary chook houses and don't want to settle for an ordinary old 'shed' like we had before. So I went looking for some ideas and here is what I came up with:

Now this one definitely has potential. But may be just a little small. I like the wheels so it can be maneuvered around the yard.

How about a Dutch Cottage?
Not bad.

Now this one has potential too.
But maybe a few too many windows to clean.

Then there's the 'Barn' style
Practical yet elegant, with plenty of shelter.

Then there's Zany!
I like it! It's very cute and loads of fun.

Here's the 'What the?' Chook penNot too sure how you're supposed to clean it.
Perhaps you just make sure there aren't any chooks in residence then just let the gurney rip?

How about this absolute gem with a window box.
Love the idea of the girls being able to have breakfast in bed!

Hey now THIS is what I'm talking 'bout!!
Isn't this absolutely fabulous. I can almost hear the groans of agony issuing from 'he who wields the hammer' when I show him this picture. I can see him coming over all unnecessary, having fits of the vapors and ending up completely apperplexic!
BUT the bottom line is THIS is IT. This is THE ONE!!
This is the Taj Mahal of all chook sheds is it not?
Before I show him all these pics I'm going to put on the red slippers, click my heels together 3 times, close my eyes and say "I don't want a shed, I don't want a shed, I don't want a shed"
Wish me luck!

Thanks Melody for hosting Tuesday Treasures
Why not take a trip over there and see what other treasures are on show this week.


  1. Cute post, I would also love to have chooks as you call them , and I would be happy with any kind of shelter for them but I sure loved the one with the window box , how cute is that .

  2. These are all fabulous. We have friends who have one of the old rounded caravans as their chook house. It would look brilliant in your large garden.

  3. I love your choice and I want to see a couple of those girls roosting in those little chairs....
    Lots of luck with the 'hammer weilder'

  4. They are all so cute, I don't know if I could decide on just one though!

  5. I love chooks too! We had them now we don't have them and I am working on getting a new chook house. Fabulous pictures. I am torn between the barrel and the rose cottage at the end :D

  6. I think the real treasure is your gorgeopus sense of humour and the research you have done. :) Love all those chook sheds.