Friday, May 20, 2011

Floral Friday

Click on any on the photos for a close-up look.

Winter ColourHello everyone and welcome to my garden.
It's getting cooler by the day and winter is begin to whistle around our ears so I am very happy to see that there is still quite a lot of colour still in the garden.
The Pink Hebe above is a favourite with the bees who are finding it difficult to get enough pollen to fill up their cells with honey.Next is a 'Honey Dripper' Grevillea. These flowers are huge, 8-10cm long and are loved by all sorts of bugs, bees, birds and botanists. The plant is still relatively immature but has a number of buds and the promise of winter colour and tucker for the wee beasties.Then we have the Red Penstamon. I love this plant whatever the colour but the red one in particular is wonderfully showy and laughs at wind, soggy soil, horizontal freezing rain and blistering summer heat as well. The bush spreads nicely without being invasive and is very easy to propogate. LOVE it!Next is my Alyogne or native hibiscus. This flowers for much of the year and is so pretty. The leaves are pinnate and lovely in their own right. It is covered in buds at the moment so will be flowering well through June. I am considering a large hedge of these if the two I have growing at present do well in our unusual growing conditions.Ah, here are my Blueberry flowers. They are so delicate, like tiny pink bonnets AND to think that they will be delicious fruit in the Summer - yummy!Finally is the last of my roses. (Which were very disappointing this year). This one is called 'Pierre de Ronsard'. It is an old world Delbard rose. It lasts well as a cut flower and is a repeat flowering climber. I can't wait for him to climb all over the wall where he is planted. The display will be a real jaw dropper - I hope.

Do you have any Winter Flowers to share? I would love to see them!


  1. A gorgeous selection of delightful plants today. I love seeing what is blooming in your garden.

  2. I have just found your Blog and enjoyed my visit
    I saw Korrumburra when I was visiting Designs by Fee
    I live at Fish Creek

  3. A lovely post Bronwyn,our Alyogyne is flowering well at the moment also, it is a fantastic plant. Also just love your red Penstamon it is so bright, great for winter colour. Love R.

  4. You certainly have a green thumb, Bronwyn. Your garden must look spectacular.

  5. Your garden must always be a picture Bronwyn. I love your photo of the Hebe with the little bee working away.

  6. Such a lot of colour in your garden. I love the shape of that pink rose.