Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lucky Me!

Well now, being the Mum of two ladies who recently won a trip to London AND this event coinciding nicely with Mother's Day and my birthday (how convenient) resulted in me having a very lucrative trip to Melbourne this week.

Let me start with the most beautiful China trio set I have ever laid my eyes on!
They bought this set at Windsor CastleFirstly is the plate. Notice the 'V' in the centre. It stands for Victoria (as in Queen Victoria - naturally) The colours and design are absolutely stunning. WOW! just doesn't cut it!Secondly is the saucer, again with the 'V' but with a different design in the same beautiful colours.Lastly is the outside of the cup.
I just love it, just in case you hadn't already picked up on that, and hope you enjoy looking at it.
Here is a transcript of part of what is written on the card which accompanies the set:

This design is inspired by English fine bone china commissioned by Queen Victoria for the Great Exhibition in 1851. Queen Victoria (1819-1901) succeeded to the throne aged 18 and reigned for 63 years over one of the most remarkable periods of growth, change and discovery, whilst the British Empire was at its peak.
Made in Staffordshire using traditional methods which have remained unchanged for 250 years, each piece of this exclusive range of English fine bone china is skillfully finshed by hand using 22 carat gold.

Next is my Harrod's apron! Isn't it cute.
And, of course, some wedding memorabilia:This is an enameled fridge magnet about 6cm in diameter and is very shiny which is why I had to take the picture from the side so there was no reflection from it.
(My DH said we now have a Royal Fridge - The disc looks like it is part of the fridge door)

This is a bit 'shopping channel' -
But wait there's more!!
There is more and I will post more pics soon.


  1. Wow, Bronwyn. What fabulous goodies, especially the cup, saucer and plate. It is the most beautiful design.

  2. Oh what a "Glorious" design on your trio. Of course I am so GREEN! How wonderful for you Bronwyn I can tell you were thrilled. Your apron is very cute and of course your wedding 'keepsake' Lovely!

  3. Lovely gifts. The trio is very pretty & regal. Tracee xx

  4. You can now have high tea in high style!

  5. Exquisite , wow the china is amazing , just gorgeous .I love the apron too , lucky you !

  6. how special, lovely gifts,and a trip of a lifetime for the girls,well done.
    And of course HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bronwyn,all the best for a wonderful day.oxox

  7. I don't know where my other comment went??? Anyway VERY MANY HAPPIES TO YOU FOR TUESDAY Bronwyn and many more.
    Blessings Michelle

  8. Hello Bronwyn,

    Happy Birthday, Just love the gifts you received from your daughters. Have a great weekend.

  9. What a lucky person you are! Hope you had a great birthday and enjoyed a cup of tea in your special cup.