Thursday, May 26, 2011

Floral Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!
I thought I would start my post today with some Garden 'Dreamtime' pics.

This first one is from my old garden. I worked so hard at creating a little oasis in the sad barrenness of my dry garden. This was part of one little area where I grew Acanthus and watered it from my small tank. It created a lovely tropical feel.
I don't know what the little plant in the pot is but if I see another I will get it. It was lovely.
In the background is a metal duck ornament which I stood in a bowl of water under my large white Daphne. The birds would come to bathe and drink from the bowl on the horrible hot summer days.

Next are a couple of pictures from the amazing Allendale Gardens in North Western Tasmania.

This is my dream garden. (Trouble is I should have started at least 10 years earlier.)
All the pictures are so beautiful and well worth a look
If I'm ever lucky enough to go down that way again a visit is definitely on my 'to do' list.

How delightful would morning tea be in this glorious setting. Ahhhh....
What do you think this next one is?

I'm split between White Banksia Rose or White Philadelphus.
This next picture just takes my breath away. Utterly gorgeous!
Now just one more for good luck - and your enjoyment. Please share with us any of your favourite garden or flower pics. We would just love to see them.

ps: I was just reminded of the one thing I don't like about gardens when I discovered a Hunstman Spider in my plastics drawer in the kitchen!! Holy Cow!! The bubba had been playing in the drawer yesterday. Ewwwwwww - It is now coated in Mortein (very brave of me) and hopefully very dead!


  1. The garden is breath taking! I love to visit open gardens too, they are so inspiring! As for the spider I would rather you than me!

  2. Even the word huntsman makes me come out in a cold sweat. Beautiful pictures of a dream garden.

  3. Oh poor spidey!! We get heaps in Queensland and they don't hurt you...just look scary. My husband is terrified of them so I have to remove them to outside in the garden.
    Bronwyn your beautiful photos are just what I needed was a lovely visit. The last 2 shots were devine.That garden is on my must visit list next Tassie holiday.

  4. I love your little pond. I like the way you have taken the picture. The Allendale Gardens look lovely. I still have my pet spider in my sewing room. He helps keep the geckos under control. I actually saw it catch one a few weeks ago.