Thursday, September 29, 2011

Floral Friday

Spring Delights:

Hi Everyone,
Sorry I have been away for so long but I have been unwell and haven't really felt like doing much at all. I have a procedure tomorrow which should fix everything up so I'll be hale and hearty again and raring to go in my gorgeous spring garden.
Here are some of the flowers which have already popped up.

Firstly are my pink/white bells so pretty and delicate.

This is the tiny little Viburnum. It's flowers have opened even more now and it looks so beautiful. I can't wait until it's a small tree with those lovely horizontal flower bunches.

This one is my Dwarf Red Flowering Peach, tiny but stunning.

Now for my Waratah. This lovely little tree is only a year old and has grown so much AND has 27 flowers on it. I am so thrilled at it's success.

One of the Waratah flowers - WOW

Pretty little Strawberry flowers. This variety is called simply Pink and has these sweet little flowers and the most delicious strawberries I have ever tasted. The fruit is flatish but still quite big.

Here is my Alyogne again. She is even bigger now and is always covered in flowers.

Here is the Lavender 'Avonview' growing along Harry's fence. It has been flowering and growing this whole cold, wet winter and the bees just love it, as do I.

This is the Maroon and White varieties of the Luecospermum 'Daisy' which I planted at the base of my clothesline. It certainly makes hanging out the clothes a pleasure.

And lucky last is a closeup of my clothesline daisies. I just love them. They are so happy and flower for such a long time throughout the year.

Please share with me any floral photos you have of your Spring Garden.