Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Thanks Melody for hosting Tuesday Treasure -
Take a look at some more treasure at Melody's blog.
Today I have some treasure from the walls of my home.
First is my Cuckoo Clock.
We saw this clock in the town of Titisee in the Black Forest in Germany and fell in love with it. It was much too big to bring home with us but we sent for it and it arrived on Christmas Eve. It was so exciting to unwrap and assemble it. Then we hung it up on the wall and held our breaths while we waited to see if the cuckoo and music box had made the long journey unscathed ....
and they had!
It plays 'Eidelweiss' and 'I love to go a wandering' alternately on the hour.
We are so used to it now that a whole day will go by with me not even hearing the songs.
It is always such a favourite with the children that visit our house. Such excitement preceeds the Cuckoo's emergence from behind his little wooden door. Then as the music plays the dancers under the cuckoo dance around and around as the water-wheel down below turns.

Next are two prints by Robert Ulmann. He was a very talented artist who lived at Warnambool. We visited there on a trip down the coast and bought some stationery. His prints, water colours and paintings were spectacular but a little expensive.
We dropped in again some years later only to discover that he had died very suddenly a year earlier and that his widow had only just opened his studio again. She was selling off the last of his work so we just had to buy something and got these two water colours.
My husband chose the giraffes and I chose the owls.
I love them both. They take pride of place in my living room.

The Owls - Singapore

Serengeti Giraffes


  1. Beautiful, Bronwyn. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Hello Bronwyn,
    There is something special about cuckoo clocks. Love the artwork especially the giraffes.
    Happy days.

  3. What a lovely post Bronwyn,the artwork is stunning.

  4. I love the clock. The design looks very intricate. I know you say you are used to it but I don't know if I could live with it. I think the owls and giraffes are beautiful. Such a lovely style. Such wonderful treasures to share.

  5. Absolutely beautiful treasures Bronwyn, I love the owls and giraffes...

  6. The cuckoo clock is just gorgeous , wow such a treasure .I love the water color paintings as well especially the owls !

  7. What a lovely clock. My husband would love a clock like yours. Your watercolours are truly beautiful. I love the owls...no wait...I love the giraffes...no wait...I can't decide!!
    I am so glad you got to have some of his work in your home.