Thursday, May 12, 2011

Floral Friday

Sorry for being so late but the Blogger was down yesterday and today was messy but we made it eventually. So here is Saturday evening's Floral Friday:

Useful and Versatile Plants:

I have just noticed that I have some flowers on my teeny tiny Blueberry bushes. I'm so excited and I can't believe that they are going set fruit which has to hang on there all through the winter until January when they ripen.
But I digress from my original plan to show you some of my favourite and useful garden plants.
Firstly these happy little Johnny Jump-ups. Aren't they just marvellous. I don't have any in my present garden but will fling some seeds around and hopefully they will be flowering in the Spring tra-la.
To digress a little again: For those of you who are not Gilbert and Sullivan fans; reference was made in The Mikado to 'The flowers that bloom in the Spring TRA-LA, have nothing to do with the case!" Now my Mum, who was a gardener and botanist extraordinaire, was also a G & S fan and the Mikado she knew almost by heart. She took me to see it when I was about 12 and I was an instant convert!
She would go about the house singing "Three little maids from school are we."

and "A wand'ring Minstrel I. A thing of shreds and patches."

So Mum could never, ever refer to the Spring without adding the 'tra-la' from

Nasturtiums! They come in yellow, orange, red and white and assorted combinations and make such a useful ground cover. They are a very old fashioned plant but making a comeback I'm happy to say. I remember them climbing over the garden gate.
Wisteria - How versatile is wisteria. It can flop on the ground, climb up a wall, over a pergola or an old clothesline or be trained as a standard AND they are all totally gorgeous!

Please join us and put your link in below so we can all see your gorgeous blooms.

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  1. Another 'floral feast' I love to embroider wisteria... I have only seen it in the 'flesh' a couple of times. Just beautiful.