Monday, October 24, 2011

My Special, Wonderful Mum

Yesterday at 6.20am my precious mother died.
My mother was a truly unique and wonderful person. She was a nurse who indulged her elderly patients and loved her work. She was an adoring Gramma, and to me she was simply and completely my very, very best friend.
I have so many wonderful memories of her and the fun we had together. The hours of chatting and the gallons of tea we drank together. The gardens and nurseries walked, recipes swapped, new dishes tried out on each other. She often brought me buckets full of hydrangeas, rhododendrons, roses, gladioli, daffodils, daphne or peonies.
I am too overcome just now to say as much as I would like except that; the first time she looked into my eyes 57 years ago she smiled at me and last week when she looked into my eyes for the last time she smiled at me, her sweet, innocent, pure smile. I will have that wonderful picture in my mind for the rest of my life.

I will love you always.
Annie Margaret Emma Henshaw, rest in eternal, blissful peace my darling.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bugs and Flowers

 I have actually done some sewing!! Really - - - LOOK!
These blocks are to prove that I have been doing some sewing (amongst the gardening).
As you may or may not be able to see I have finished the snail block blanket stitch,am halfway through the caterpillar block and yet to start the butterfly and hearts.
My daughter has the mirror image blocks to do. These blocks are for a quilt I'm making with the help of my daughter for her BFF (Joh's) first baby. Joh is 37 and I have known her since she was a black and white sonograph picture on her grandma's mantlepiece.
We are so thrilled that she is going to be a mum at last. So this is for Joh's Bubba's Quilt
Bugs and Flowers
 Are, no doubt, amongst my favourite things. I love taking pictures of them and sewing them so I have joined up with Melody's Tuesday Treasures (sorry a bit late) and pre-empted my Floral Friday.

I know it's only Wednesday but goodness knows what I'll be doing on Friday so I thought it best to get these pics up now.
All of these shots were taken today.
One of the delicious pink daisies on my lovely plump daisy bush, below.

Above is Osteospermum fruticosum. The flowers open yellow and turn copper as they age.

My wee little Golden Delicious Tree covered in blossom.
A very busy little bee, bless her cotton socks.
Such delicate blooms.
This tiny flower looks like a paper rose, sorry I've lost it's tag.

Red Penstamon in bud, White Snapdragons and Maroon Pelargoniums
Another industrious little bee.
This tiny little spider waiting patiently for her lunch
Oops you have to be quick with the shutter.
 I hope you have enjoyed this little wander around my garden. I have loved showing them to you.
Happy Gardening and Sewing - of course!!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Selling my Quilting Machine

After much thought I have finally decided to sell my Gammill Quilting Machine. I have a number of health issues which make it difficult for me to do the best that I can and the work is very slow (to say the least) since we moved.
I will be putting a link on this blog very soon for a PDF with the sale details for anyone who is interested.