Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Project

Ooooo, looky, looky at the new quilt kit that arrived yesterday. I am so excited I can't wait to make this one up. It is so simple and gorgeous and I just love, love, love the colours. I haven't decided just what I'm going to do with it yet. And I don't care just now. It will be such fun to do.
I love the way it's packaged too. There is a little matching moda drawstring bag which was packed with the layer cake roll, border/binding roll and the pattern. I ordered the backing fabric separately which is the same as the little bag.
Beautiful butterflies and swirls and did I mention the colours! Wheeee, (gotta hang out the washing first!)

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Lovely Day with Family

This week is my younger daughter's 30th birthday. Wow that time has flown by!
I made her a triple layer sponge cake, choc, vanilla, choc and we devoured half of it this morning ... Yum
DH and I had the pleasure of looking after her little one this weekend while she and her DH (also 30 this year) were out and about at one of the many other 30th birthday celebrations they are attending this year.
They arrived last night to collect the little lady. They stayed the night with us and then we all spent the day touring some of our nearby coast.
First we drove through Inverloch and on to Cape Paterson where we knew there were some lovely rock pools for the little lady to play in.
Eva and Gramma walking the rocks and rock pools at Cape Paterson
There was sand at the bottom of this rock pool, nice and soft underfoot
Gulls enjoying bits of a Gummy Shark left by fishermen
Then we drove through Wonthaggi and on along the coast to Kilcunda where we stopped at the pub with it's lovely view of Bass Strait and the high-cliffed surf beaches
The view from the Kilcunda Pub verandah
A closer view of the view!
We sat on the verandah outside the pub and ate our meals in the lovely sunshine, cooled by the ocean breeze.
Our lovely meals at the Kilcunda Pub
DD had seafood pasta, Son-in-law had a paella, DH had a burger and I had an ENORMOUS chicken pie. All the meals were delicious.
Family times are so precious and such treasured memories in the making.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Humble Nasturtiums
When I was thinking about what treasures I would like to show you today and went outside to take some pics I looked straight at the Nasturtiums outside the backdoor as I do every time I walk in and out. These humble plants are just so happy, bright, friendly, easy to grow and useful for filling a tough spot. They grab my attention without even trying.
Happy little nasturtiums outside the back door
Yellow flowers so bright and cheerful
Brilliant orange and yellow just a couple of the many colours available
South facing wall at the back where moss and lichen grow with gay abandon - AND it seems, so do nasturtiums - Yay - go nasturtiums! I just love them.
The little garden which is full of these pretty flowers is also home to the ugly working units of the hot water and a/c, as you can see, but I forget they are there as I am greeted by the bright floral display. I grew them from seed, from the plants in my previous garden and am so thrilled with the result. I had to wait until they flowered to see what colours I had. There are only two plants here that have spread so easily and quickly. They are not invasive however, as they are very easy to pull up.
My Spiderhouse
This garden ornament was purchased under the label 'Birdhouse' to which I say Ha! and Ha Ha! This is quite clearly a spiderhouse. Each door, window and gumnut is thickly festooned with the webs of many generations, as you can see.
My 'Birdhouse'?
It even has webs on the back door.
The webs are quite decorative and so a part of it now that I wouldn't dream of cleaning them off. Besides I'd much rather that their owners stay right where they are and don't come anywhere near me or my house!
My DH gave me this for an Anniversary present many, many years ago. I don't think it's going to last for many more years though as it is falling to bits! Well, come the time we may just have to source out the manufacturers and replace it. My garden just wouldn't be the same without my 'Spiderhouse'

Please join Melody for more Tuesday Treasures. Today she has a fabulous giveaway which is very easy to enter. Her blog is awesome!