Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Floral Friday

Everyone loves roses! Some love full high petalled roses, single roses, climbing roses, old world roses or red roses. Some love painted roses, perfumed or silk roses.
To me it's simple I just love them all!
So here's a little rose-fest with some of my own garden roses and a few other bits and pieces too.
I hope you enjoy my

Glorious Roses:
Hybrid Tea: Tiffany
The Year of the Rose
Algernon Charles Swinburne

From the depths of the green garden-closes
Where the summer in darkness dozes
Till autumn pluck from his hand
An hour-glass that holds not a sand;
From the maze that a flower-belt encloses
To the stones and sea-grass on the strand
How red was the reign of the roses
Over the rose-crowned land!

The year of the rose is brief;

From the first blade blown to the sheaf,
From the thin green leaf to the gold,
It has time to be sweet and grow old,
To triumph and leave not a leaf
For witness in winter's sight
How lovers once in the light
Would mix their breath with its breath
And its spirit was quenched not of night,
As love is subdued not of death.

Hybrid Tea: Oklahoma (top left) *Double Delight (above left) & *Tiffany (above right) ....
It's really hard to choose favourites but if I could only have two roses *these are the two I would choose. Double delight, for those who don't know her is simply magnificent. She has a lemon centre and cerise outer petals which darken later in the season. Her perfume is fruity and completely addictive. I can hardly drag myself away from the bush.
Then there's Tiffany. Wow she is a stunner! She has so many flowers and they are frilled and so magically pink and perfect and smell absolutely divine. If you don't have this one you should give her a try, you will not be disappointed.

Next is Leonardo DaVinci, a David Austin rose. What a lovely thing it is. This picture is of one of the many, many flowers on my bush although it looks like a 'tag' picture. Each bloom is just perfect. It is perfumed too and quite a small bush.

This is my Floribunda: 'Painted Rose' I hope to be able to get the name for you, apologies if I can't find the tag.
This rose is planted over our dear Miska; our 11 year old Hungarian Vizsla who died in July 2009. Seems like yesterday!
She was a beautiful dog and just loved chewing the rose prunings, would you believe! So we had to put a rose on her grave.
I think I have watered this rose maybe half a dozen times in that, almost 2 years, it has been there and it has flowered and flowered

Just to completely 'gild the lily' here is some rosey china.

Firstly is a tiny tea-set. The teeny cups only just fit on the tip of my little finger.

And last is this gorgeous sugar and creamer set. It didn't cost much as it is just a print but is definitely one of my favourites.
Join in today with any of your garden delights, especially roses.


  1. Oh Just toooo... delightful!!!! Beautiful post Bronwyn. I feel I can almost smell them. I'd find it hard to chose a favourite so I'll just take your word for it.I love your little 'rosey' tea set and your sugar and creamer too.

  2. Beautiful post Bronwyn full of the most delightful roses. Hopefully I'll be back later with my flower post.

  3. Your Roses are just gorgeous Bronwyn, and you know how much I love pretty china, Thank you for the helpful e-mail, I will see my family on Sunday, my eldest Granddaughter will be able to put me on the right track I'mm sure. You have a lovely Mothers and Grandmothers day on Sunday. Love R.

  4. Hi Bronwyn,
    I couldn't resist joining you for your floral friday rose special.. Aren't they just the most perfect flower.. Love your post.xx

  5. Your roses are beautiful. They really are a special flower. The pattern on the tiny tea set looks very detailed and I love the rose on the jug and sugar bowl.