Sunday, February 12, 2012

Roses and some Wonderful Favourites

The weather report said a chance of gi-normous hail - So I dashed out and picked as many roses as I could. It hasn't hailed yet - and probably wont but that's okay. I have this jug full of most glorious roses to spend the weekend with.
Centre: Leonardo DaVinci - Yellow: Freisia - Cream left: Dianna Princess of Wales - Cream with pink edges top right: Athena - Red Centre top: Oklahoma
Centre top: Oklahoma - Centre bottom: Maurice Utrillo, a spectacular Delbard Painted Rose
Looking so good on my old friend
My Dressing Table
At last my much loved Dressing Table is back where it belongs, in my room. We bought it some years ago at a second-hand shop in Warrandyte. It is so good to have it back in my room after being in storage since our move.
Rocking Horse
(Now I'm fully digressing around my room. Once I got the camera going I couldn't stop photographing my favourite bits and pieces.)
This dear little rocking horse was made by my friend Jacquie and her husband. It looks lovely with teddy bears or large dolls riding on its back. Jacquie is now a bead artist. Her work is amazing!
Armani Lady
This is my1973 'Florence', Armani figurine named 'Young lady with Yorkshire'. Mine was made in 1993 and was signed by the artist in 2001 when he came to Australia and visited the shop where I bought my lovely lady. I hope to buy a matching piece sometime this year. Oh boy that is going to be a long shopping trip as I try to decide which one is to keep my 'Young lady' company.
She sits on one of the glass shelves in my room which will one day be behind glass doors - (patience is a virtue)
I hope you have had a lovely weekend .. mine has been a bit lazy .. Back to work tomorrow - maybe ;o)


  1. Your roses are lovely ,the dressing table is gorgeous and I can understand why you are happy to have it out of storage . The Armani figure is simply beautiful , wow !

  2. What a lovely post Bronwyn. Your roses are feast for the eyes. I love your dresser, rocking horse and gorgeous lady. It must be so nice to have your treasures around you after being packed away.

  3. So many gorgeous things here Bronwyn, I bet the roses smell wonderful too.