Thursday, February 16, 2012

For the Cat Lovers!

This is my sewing table - Which, incidentally I am working on today. I have a spot right on the end out of camera. Pardon? Cramped? No no no  - Plenty of room. Anyway that's not the point. Later today Bailey goes home. He has really made himself at home and loves to be wherever I am. Thanks to him I have had to stay in the house today and this, in turn has inspired me to make my new bag. I will show you that soon.
Now, apparently the job of interfacing supervisor had a vacancy and Bailey, despite his tender age, took up the initiative and assumed the post. Unfortunately just prior to his first shift he found himself faced with a bowl full of Tender Tasty Turkey Casserole!! Oh goodness, he didn't have a hope of resisting it. He polished off the whole lot. He then took a bath, chased a couple of irresistible white butterflies, which were out on the nastursiums, and then went to work in the salt-mine which is - my sewing room.
The result was inevitable. He wandered around the room a few times with his eyelids drooping. He made a vain attempt to look interested in the white butterflies outside the window, chewed on a fabulously fluffy piece of batting and even played peek-a-boo through the tube of interfacing BUT all to no avail.
The weight of his satisfied tum and his brain full of wistful white butterflies sent him off into a blissful slumber. Fluttering eyelids, flicking tail tip and his tongue in 'mid-lick' testament to his happy state.
Can I please come back as a cat?!


  1. I've loved your Bailey posts. Just charming.

  2. Bailey is too cute! I am glad to see a sewing table that looks like mine.

  3. I've always wanted a white kitten. Bailey is so cute. It's funny the places cats choose to sleep.