Sunday, February 19, 2012

A New Bag

I desperately needed a new bag. Heavy and non-capacious bags were the bain of my life. But I wanted something funky. The shops are full of bags and gee are they ever boring! So ... I went to my very favourite online fabric shop (The Fat Quarter Shop) and chose some lovely dragonfly fabric - YES I did - but then I couldn't find a matching contrast that I thought would be appropriate for the bag bottom and handles - so I chose a floral fabric and then discovered this gorgeous scooters fabric which matched the floral - Woohoo - I just love it.
My new 'Scooters' bag. I love the print
I had to wait a couple of weeks for the fabric to arrive from Texas, (I think) No worries, I had to find a suitable pattern anyway.
Just before the fabric arrived I went to the local patchwork shop, (somewhat pessimistically) to look for a bag pattern for me and see if they had a Moon Shine Designs Backpack pattern that my granddaughter wanted me to make for her. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that they had the exact backpack pattern I was after. Then, to complete this serendipitous event, I saw MY bag made up on a shelf. It was the perfect bag pattern for me. It is big, lightweight,  has handles as long or short as you wish them to be, is easy open with a spring loaded closure - no zippers or pesky flaps or open top for light fingers to dive into. It's carpet bag shape make it self supporting and it was just so easy to make! That was a real bonus.
Self supporting, easy open and very light on the shoulder
Anyway I dashed home with my pattern and found that while I was gone the postman had been and dropped a parcel card for me to collect my FABRIC from the Post Office. Oh poo, I had just missed him.  I turned the car around and sped off to the Post Office. When I got there the lady told me, very politely, that I had beaten the parcel there. They postman hadn't even dropped it there yet, he was still doing his rounds. It said this very clearly on the the card, which I hadn't read due to my excitement. I had to go back in an hour or so - which I did, of course.

Monica Poole is the designer and I can highly recommend her patterns. I'm a bit of a dummy with figuring out written patterns. This one was so easy to follow and execute with lots of diagrams and the finished product looks so professional.

Super easy pattern
So, there it is and I am absolutely rapt. It is so cute and perfect for me and unique and I just love it.
I have no affiliation with Fat Quarter Shop or Moon Shine Designs, financial or otherwise and have put in the links for your convenience.  I hope you enjoy the browse.


  1. Beautiful bag Bronwyn , what a nice design but I was surprised to hear it was easy to make , that spring closure always scared me off , Great job!!

    1. Hi Sheila, I made another bag recently which was so, so fiddly and hard. This one was a breeze in comparison. I would love to do another. Want one? lol

  2. I've never seen this fabric or bag pattern before. It turned out so cute.

    1. Hi Janet. I think the fabric is fairly new and I bet it is very popular, so cute as you say. Thanks for stopping by.