Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Putty-Tat Wednesday!

Some pics I hope will make you smile:
Kanga - reee-lax-ing on the couch - Lurvin' that afternoon sunshine
Hahaha - South end of Kanga - Not sure if she was balancing like this or got comfy too fast to bring her leg around.
Cat - Sitting  
I must mention that Kanga said some very unladylike words when she saw Bailey in HER house. I was a little worried for Bailey's tender ears but he was far too busy investigating and exploring to worry about her rather unpleasant tone.
Bailey is a  6/12 Scottish Short Hair - Ginger point, I think. At this point he is unaware of the camera.
You now have my attention! How's this pose?
I'm getting a little tired. You got enough pics yet?
I'm over it! Go away.


  1. If only they could speak human then we would get an ear full I am sure. Just gorgeous fur babies.

  2. I love kitty pictures :) These ones sure are cute.

  3. Oh Bronwyn, they have melted my heart. What sweetie-pies. Kanga is such a funny little creature and how will you ever be able to give Bailey back.

    1. You are so right Mel. I thought I had lost him today and searched high and low, in and out, all over the place for him. I finally came inside and said "bugger" (I think) as he sach├ęd stretching and yawning, all nonchalant like, out of the pantry .... Where I had looked 5 times! So, although I would have called him Harry(Houdini) I guess the circus inference of Bailey is appropriate too. Scallywag!