Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

Thanks Melody for the opportunity of sharing some more Tuesday Treasures.
My treasure is twofold this week.
Firstly is a lovely old smoking box which belonged to my Grandfather. My Grandfather died 5 years before I was born and left it to my father who would keep his smoking bits and pieces in it. Now it belongs to me. In it's two drawers were some fascinating bits of history:
my grandfather's spectacles, a collar stud box made of very thin almost transparent tortoise-shell, a payslip of Dad's from 1948 (for £1:14:5 for 6.5hrs time and a half!),
a nib box and a matchstick rolling mat for 'roll-your-own' cigarettes.
I simply adored this box as a child and longed to own it and now I do.

The second item is the tablecloth underneath my box.
This cloth was made by my mother over a period of 3 decades. She had started it when I was a small child and would bring it out whenever holidaying with us at her brothers' farm on the Murray River at Goodnight (between Swan Hill and Mildura). She would sit crocheting and sunning her legs as she sat on a wicker chair on the decaying wooden verandah which overlooked a small orange grove in front of the house where we played.
Her brothers' were heard to comment, on more than one occasion. "Are you STILL making that 'Fool of a thing'?" Thus is became known as 'The fool of a thing' - and still is.


  1. Wow Bronwyn, these are fabulous treasures. I'll have to get you to show them to me next time I visit. Thanks so much for sharing them with us all as part of Tuesday Treasures.

  2. They are beautiful, Bronwyn. Such wonderful memories especially in the tablecloth

  3. What beautiful treasures. So special. The box is so lovely and the tablecloth must mean such a lot especially knowing all the time and love that went into making it. These stories make our treasures so special. Thank you I loved seeing them.

  4. What beautiful keepsakes. The tablecloth is just amazing.

  5. Oh my goodness what fantastic treasures. The box is beautiful and it must be fascinating to look through the drawers and examine all of the delights they hold. The tablecloth is absolutely stunning - a real labour of love and exquisite. Thank you for sharing such precious treasures.

  6. Hello Bronwyn,

    Oh I just love the treasures you have shared. Hours and hours of work involved with the tablecloth. Enjoy.
    happy days.

  7. Such interesting treasures with so much history , I think the tablecloth is stunning and I am not surprised it took your Mom so long to make it , there is a lot of work to a piece like this one .Beautiful!

  8. both wonderful treasures. I especially admire the crochet table cloth, so much work and lovely memories stored in it.

  9. What wonderful memories this treasure has,very nice Bronwyn

  10. Wow your treasures are just gorgeous. What wonderful memories you have. The table cloth is simply beautiful and I love the story behind it. So glad you have the smoking box now and it is safe and looked after. Thanks for sharing.