Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teddy Bear's Picnic

The Story of Balthazar ....

Balthazar was a Circus Bear. He had spent his whole life (the part of it he could remember anyway) in the circus and was really quite fond of his life there.
His parents would have preferred a more illustrious life for their little cub but it was not to be. He was left with his Aunt Bearyl and Uncle Jehosafur when his mother and father got the call to be part of the International Handmade Artist Bear Display in the Steiff Museum in Germany.

Balthazar's aunt and uncle were, of course, the 'Performing Ping-Pong Pair' famous in such exotic places as Paddington, Port Possum, Paradise Point, Poowong and Peppermint Grove just to name a few. They would stun and amaze crowds with their Ping-Pong prowess holding many-a-crowd spellbound as they danced and leapt around the table their quest to never allow a ball to touch the table, floor or bat.

Memories of those early years in the circus were of happy times learning every ping-pong trick in the book (and lots that weren't there as well). His aunt and uncle spent hours teaching and training the little fellow in the hope of creating the first ping-pong trio act (a concept that none of them had thought through all that carefully)

One day there was a newcomer to their circus. Fabienne was beautiful. She wore the brightest clothes and was quite the prettiest thing that Balthazar had ever seen. Her little head was adorned with a daisy wreath and her sweet little shoes were decorated with tiny perfect little yellow daisies.
When she performed her act Balthazar (or Ballsy, as she affectionately called him) was mesmerized. She would use her bright clothing and floral accessories to hypnotize her little herd of Civets. She could make them dance, balance on balls, hop in time to Advance Australia Fair and numerous other astonishing tricks.

It wasn't long before Balthazar knew where his future lay, he had to break the news to his Aunt and Uncle that he was not cut out for Ping Pong. They took it pretty well and were secretly somewhat relieved as the promise of a trio act was causing quite some logistical nightmares.
Poor Fabienne had some bad news for Balthazar herself. It turned out that Civets were not suited to Circus life. Being rather exotic creatures known for their scent they craved their natural environment of perfumed parlours, department store fragrance foyers and definitely not the circus.

The decision was quick and final. Balthazar, Fabienne and the Civets were to leave the circus.
They settled down raising award winning yellow daisies and Civets and discovered a blend of the two which became a perfume unmatched anywhere in the world. The named it 'Dazet' (of course) and lived happily ever after.
(Incidentally Fabienne was particularly particular about acquiring the musk from her Civets and would only use musk that the Civets had given of their own free will. She never asked them for it, heavens no! how rude that would be! She would wait until they gave it to her, which they did regularly as they were quite fond of her and appreciative of their spacious, deliciously perfumed living quarters)

Balthazar was able to come to the picnic today but alas Fabienne was not. She had to stay home as not only were the Civets whelping but she was still 'dazed' after making a particularly potent brew of perfume yesterday.

Please come and see all the other bears at The Teddy Bear's Picnic hosted by our dearest Melody.


  1. Thank you so much for coming on the picnic. I love your stories and this one is a fabulous tale.

  2. Like a lot of poor girls Fabienne didn't know what she was getting into and got stuck at home with all the chores. I hope Ballsy takes her home some goodies. I can understand why she fell so hard for Ballsy though, he is certainly handsome.I adore Aunty Bearyl. Lol.

  3. Lovely Bear and what a fabulous tale to tell.
    Sounds like we will be entertained today at the Picnic. thanks for sharing

  4. Gorgeous bear and such a great story. Thanks for sharing! See you at the picnic.. I think our bears are going to get on well today!

  5. your bear is gorgeous and the story what can I say. You need to write them all down for future generations.