Sunday, February 20, 2011

Floral Friday #2

I don't usually pick flowers from my garden.
I like to walk around and look at them on their bushes.
I like to see the sun lighting them up or the rain sitting on them like little jewels.
I love to see the bees and butterflies making visits to them as they go about their business and I chat to the useful little spiders which have curled themselves up tightly in spent petals, telling them to keep up the good work.
I know the flowers will last so much longer if I resist the temptation to pluck them for my own selfish pleasure of being able to bring them inside.
But look - see here - evidence of plucked flowers and lots of them.
This time I had to do it. I had to see what this wide and varied collection of flowers would look like if I were to put them all into the one vase.
There are Roses, yellow, white, pink:
Dahlias, yellow and orange:
Penstemon, red and
Snapdragons, pink, red and orange.
I have decided that they look absolutely gorgeous and smell divine and there are still plenty left in the garden for me to admire next week.
But for now, they are here next to me where I can see, smell and touch them, even when it's dark and rainy outside. I am thankful and filled with pride that I grew these most precious and beautiful works of Mother Nature.
Do you have any unusual floral combinations you would like to share?

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  1. Sorry I missed yesterday - computer unavailable. The visit this morning has made my spirits soar. Your arrangement is stunning. How wonderful you grew this gems from nature. Thanks for sharing.