Thursday, March 17, 2011

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Oh Dear, Oh Dear!
Here is pictorial evidence of my sorry tale of Benj and Binge.
The Sorry Tale of Benj and Binge.
Benj is a very old bear, as old as bears can be. (At least that's what he says and no one argues because it would just be plain mean to tell him that he isn't.)
Now the town of Furlickton is where he lives and has done for such a long time that everyone there calls him Benj, even though his real name begins with Lord or Duke or some such thing. He prefers just plain Benj because, well, because that's just the kind of bear he is. No airs and graces for him, after all he has known most of those other folks in town for longer than anyone can remember.
Anyway one day, when Benj was much younger, he took it upon himself to become a fixerupperer. He had seen the hardship of so many other bears with loose limbs, lost eyes, chewed ears, bald spots and saw the need so decided that he would take the job on as he had much spare time on his paws (it turns out that his parents came into quite some wealth investing in growler implants so he didn't need to work)
He became quite the best fixerupperer not only in Furlickton but his reputation went as far as Bruinsbane and Tedney.
The years came and went and Benj tended and fixed many a floppy neck and threadbare snout but like the plumber who never fixes his leaky tap Benj had fallen into disrepair and always promised he'd get around to it 'tomorrow'. He did not.
Benj had heard about the Teddy Bears Picnic and invited his BFF Binge to come along. All was going swimmingly until Binge spotted the Butterscotch Drops. Oh Dear, Oh Dear! Before you could say "Reflux" or "Wait" or "You'll be sorry!" greedy little Binge had put so many in his mouth that he began to come over all unnecessary with the rapid escalation of his blood sugar levels. Poor Binge! Poor Benj! Benj had seen what was about to happen. He had dashed to stop Binge but fell flat on his face as his leg joints were so loose they could not hold his weight any longer. He tried to crawl the last few inches to his help his best bud but his arm joints were useless as well. Finally he reached his friend and cradled him in his arms as Binge spoke his last words - which were "Don't let me pass in vain - please - Tell the Plumbers."

Sorry everyone. I should have warned you that tissues may be required. Please take a look at all the bears who came to todays picnic on Melody's Blog.


  1. You are the funniest, weirdest, most wonderful person I know. I laughed out loud at this sad tale. Thanks for coming on the picnic, strange dear friend.

  2. I'm with Melody and I'm glad no one else is home to hear me. I'm still laughing!! It cheers my heart to know there is someone out there crazier than me. Loved it! Loved Benji and Binge. Bet he's cured of gutsing Butterscotch drops.HaHa!

  3. Oh dear! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at all the happenings!!What an eventful picnic this is!

  4. Bronwyn you must write a childrens book to read to those lovely Granchildren, that was a great story, looking forward to more. R

  5. Poor little Binge, I would hate to be so aptly named. Loved it, can't wait for the next exciting episode! Tracee xx

  6. What a story Bronwyn. Didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I'm with Rosalie... you need to write these stories down for prosterity. Love your Benji and Binge