Monday, March 21, 2011

Tuesday Treasures

My Tuesday Treasure is Autumn. I love it and I love winter too.
One day 7 years ago as I was sitting at my computer and looking out of the window I was inspired to write this poem for my granddaughter who was 8 at the time. If I found a beautiful leaf I would post it to her (even though she only lived on the other side of town). She just loved the pretty autumn leaves.

Golden Stars - for Tanaha - 10th May 2004

The wind is blowing hard outside
I can see it through my window
The trees are being tossed about
The clothes on the line are too.

I like it when the days are cool
Especially at night
I can wrap myself in blankets
And tuck up nice and tight

But best of all I love the sight
Of all the pretty colours
The leaves are changing on the trees
And falling by the hundreds

The tree next door has golden leaves
And when they're ready to fall
They flutter and spin and whirl around
Like they're dancing at a Ball

Sometimes sunshine catches them
And lights them up like glass
As they're falling to the ground
These beautiful golden stars

The tree is nearly bare now
But it really won't be long
Before the leaves are growing back
Thick and green and strong

In summer when the sun is hot
That tree gives welcome shade
And shows off with it's green stars
The ones that it's just made.
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  1. Such a beautiful poem for a beautisul time of year.

  2. I love Autumn too. My absolute favourite season. Beautiful poem. I'm sure she loves it.

  3. Autumn is such a lovely time of the year... what a lovely poem and the idea of sending a pretty leaf is so nice... lovely treasure

  4. Hello Bronwyn,

    A very special poem. I love the idea of posting of the leaves to your grandaughter.
    Happy days.

  5. I love autumn too and your poem captures it perfectly.

  6. Awesome Autumn:-) a lovely poem Bronwyn. Cheers Kaylee

  7. I also love autumn although I am so glad it is now spring after a long cold winter . I really enjoyed your poem , just lovely , thanks for sharing .

  8. You're such a talented writer. I love it! We don't really get Autumn as such here with the trees leaves turning so I love it when we travel at that time to Victoria

  9. What a beautiful peom. I too love Autumn, I think it would be my favourite season.

    Great to play along with you.

  10. what a beautiful poem Bronwyn