Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Morning on the farm.

No I don't have a farm really but I'm feeling extremely rural and productive today.
This is my first attempt at bottling. I fear the pears may have been a tad ripe and I'm still to discover if the bottles sealed properly.
This grain bread is the funniest little loaf I have ever made. It's 'Dwarf' bread. The eighth dwarf maybe - 'Bumpy' or 'Lumpy' or 'Warty' - Hopefully it tastes just as good as it smells and who cares what it looks like!


  1. You clever cookie Bronwyn. I think you really qualify as a country girl now that you make your own bottled fruit. Looks great.

  2. It all looks so scrumptious. I am envious as I didn't get the cooking gene and I admire those who did

  3. well done Bronwyn they look great,i havent had a lot of success with bottling i think i do it when they are not ripe enough,lol.
    cheers shez