Thursday, February 3, 2011

Name my sweet little bear.

This is my favourite of all my bears, of which I have many! This little fellow was made by my friend Jacquie.
I fell in love with him the moment I saw him and just had to have him. That was years ago and he is still my fav.
He is made from creamy white mohair with green tips.
He fits in the palm of my hand and is just so delightful.
He has skinny little bent arms like a baby and leather paw and foot pads with stitched 'fingers' and 'toes'. His little face is so cute and adorable.
I sound like a doting grandmother!
He has never had a name so anyone who would like to suggest a name is welcome. I will let you know the winning suggestion.
Thanks Melody for letting me share him with you and your fellow bloggers
Please take a look at some other bears on Melody's blog.


  1. Hi Bronwyn, Thanks for being part of Teddy Bear's Picnic. Your teddy is adorable. He looks like a little Walter to me.

  2. Yes I like that. I have always called him Jac Bear but I think he needs his own identity.

  3. Beautiful header Bron. Hope you are enjoying playing with your blog.

  4. Yes have to admit I like the name Walter as well as it was my grandfathers name. He was a real cutie as well! :-)

  5. Hi Bronwyn.
    He is a delightful bear. Your friend is a very skilled bear maker!

  6. I agree Walter sounds perfect for this adorable little bear , your friend is very skilled at making bears .Thanks for sharing .

  7. Well it's unanimous! Walter it is. Thanks everyone for your input and thanks Jacquie for this darling little bear.
    Ps. Yes Shiela you are right, Jacquie has made some amazing bears. She is now a bead maker. I will ask her if I can post pics of some of her gorgeous beads.

  8. I think it's got to be Walter! He must be as light as a dandilion clock. xx

  9. Fluffy Walt! Love it! I can't get over those eyes and those paws... Adorable!
    and welcome to blogland Bronwyn! I was sent over by our lovely Melody.
    Can't wait for the shared inspiration!
    Valentina in faraway Cyprus