Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

 Le Manor
Here is a sneak-peek at the project we have been working on for a couple of months. 
 It will be known as the 'Manoir des Poulets'! (Manor house of the chickens)

A distant glimpse of the Manoir des Poulets
This leads me to one of my treasures which is my chickens - which, I hasten to add, I do not have just yet!
Plans were afoot, they were, they were afoot, were the plans, to collect said birdies on the weekend but - BUT - there was drama! He who never gets sick - got sick! Now when he who never gets sick, gets sick, it is usually a real doozie and this time was no exception. So there were raging temperatures, relentless pain hither and yon, anorexia, parasthesia, lassitude etc. All of which made the trip to collect said cute, fluffy, feathered insinkerators / egg machines impossible.
Now, the Manoir is not finished. So this is another slight hiccup in the whole 'fridge overflowing with eggs, cakes, lemon butter, chocolate mousse etc' plan. Sounds messy I know but I'll bet you would accept an invite when my fridge is oozing with it's bounty.
Ohhh - Okay here is a closeup - Like I said it isn't finished. There is balustrade - YES balustrade and windows to go in yet.
When it is finished; which should be any day now, or would be if he who has retired wouldn't insist on *going to work every now and then; I will post pictures of the whole wonderful building process.
Having made *that sound like something I am averse to I feel I must clarify that the times when he who has retired goes to work are simply heavenly. A weeny story -When I was very recently married, a woman, my age now, confided in me that her husband had recently retired and that she had married him - "For better or worse but NOT for lunch!" At the time I didn't really know what she was talking about but I do now!
When the girls (chooks) are finally here I will post their pics and profiles. I will photograph them until they scream for me to stop.
Thanks Melody for your Tuesday Treasures. 
Please take a look at her blog: The House on the Side of the Hill.


  1. Lucky future avian family members - what a maison magnifique indeed

  2. can't get over your magnificent 'chook shed'!
    Will be great when the posh chickens arrive.
    Hope you survive the illness.

  3. Well I do hope the chooks are posh enough for "Chooky Manor" and not common "chook shed" types. Wow! It is really something....well done to the construction engineer who I hope is now recovered from his malaise and can go collect your new "girlies"