Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Finishes!

Olivia's Quilt - At last!!
It's finally done and will be presented to Olivia tomorrow.
Manoir des Poulets 
Here are the progessive pics of the Manor under construction to completion.
Lolla is helping putting the stumps in - NOT - she is digging the freshly filled holes! Scallywag.
The floor and frame partially complete

Weatherboards on and verandah floor down
Almost complete. Just needs windows wired up and the balustrade
Here are the Girlies ...
First and easiest to name was Shirley. Shirley was a showgirl, a child-star, if you will. She was strutting her stuff whilst still mostly chicky fluff and was spared the axe by the kind lady named Lyn who sold her to me. Lyn knew that Shirley's breeder would only show her once and then murder her so she took her home to raise and sell as a pet. Shirley is a Leghorn x Isa Brown Bantam Frizzle.
Next is Julia. She is a lovely little Isa Brown and is named Julia for obvious reasons!
Thirdly is Bess. Bess is a lovely black Australorp and utterly, completely beautiful.
And last, but not least is Miss Pinches. I'm sure you remember Miss Pinches from an earlier post of mine. Miss Pinches was my piano teacher when I was a wee bairn. She was skinny, tall with long bony legs and she had greying-redish hair (or was that just a terrible rinse). Miss Pinches was very business like and to the point. She would sit beside me as I played my pieces and poke me in the top of my arm with her bony long fingers as she counted 1..2..3..1..2..3...

From left: Julia (of course), Miss Pinches, Shirley and Bess
Beautiful Black Bess - Look at that gorgeous face. She could be a mode! Although she may be a little portly for the runway.
Miss Pinches and Shirley

Miss Pinches

Kanga - thinking of matters culinary.
Wistfully dreaming of Coq au vin, with a side of stuffed Wren and a garnish of Pesky Puppy sausages.

I cant wait until the girls get cracking (so to speak) and start pumping out those yummy, happy chookie eggs. There is just nothing like home grown eggs. Yum-Yum.

Have a super Sunday everyone. We are off to celebrate our youngest grandchild's second birthday. He is such a little dude! I'll post some pics if I remember to take any.


  1. welcome to those lovely girlies! they certainly are pretty.
    Olivia's quilt is gorgeous.
    love the feline a la carte menu!

  2. Oh they are so gorgeous and so glad Shirley escaped her dastardly fate. I am sure we will love living in the brand new "mansion" with her other clucky friends. Love all their names. Oh nearly forgot....Olivia's quit is just beautiful so carried away with the chookies.

  3. Fabulous post Bronwyn. Your girlies are gorgeous and so is your quilt. I'm away at the moment but when I get back I'll be in touch,much love