Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

Hi Everyone, I didn't have to think hard today to come up with a Tuesday Treasure hosted by Melody. It's been ages since I posted and since then I have done the last of the unpacking and found this beautiful antique Christening mug.
The inscription reads: 
Presented to 
Joshua Henshaw
XIII AUG: MDCCCLI (13th August 1851)
by his 
Uncle Joshua.
This baby Joshua was my G G Uncle. He had no children so the mug was left to my G Grandfather, John Henshaw who was baby Joshua's brother. The mug was then left to his son Herbert Joshua Henshaw and then my father Herbert William Henshaw. Dad gave it to his firstborn grandson (my son) as his own son (my brother) died at the age of 8 in 1960. 
Phew -- Long story -- Got it all?
As part of this Treasure is the place where it is kept along with all of my beautiful china and glass collection (well, most of it anyway)
This double bookcase was built by my DH, as was the whole house. 
There is still to be a large white mantle around the fireplace.
Here are some of the goodies on my shelves. Some are very old and some are very new. 
Some I bought off ebay(is that corrrect grammar?) and others were handed down to me.
A few books have made it onto the shelves too hehe. They are bookcases after all.


  1. how amazing! A very special heirloom.
    Love the bookshelves. There is lots of storage space for your treasures.

  2. Thanks so much for playing along with Tuesday Treasures this week. It is very much appreciated. Your mug and the rest of your collection is exquisite.