Thursday, June 30, 2011

Teddy Bear's Picnic

A couple of ring-ins!

I hope the Teddy's don't mind this handsome puss coming to the picnic today.

This precious puss was made by my Mum for my older daughter who is now 35. Mum made squillions of them in all different colours for school and church fetes.
My favourites were the black and whites and the tortoiseshells but alas there are none but this little one left. She is about 6" high to the top of her head. Mum would go to the op shop to buy old jumpers then cut them up (I cut up many a jumper myself) to stuff the cats, elephants, penguins and other critters with.
I remember the frenetic mess of knitted animal limbs all over the kitchen table when a fete was nigh. She did a great job and thoroughly enjoyed the hundreds of hours she would have invested into these knitted beasties. It was truly a labour of love for her.

Here is a little Pony in a Purse (a la Paris Hilton and her unfortunate pooch) that I bought for the Grandies to play with when they come to visit. I know she will be very well behaved at the picnic as she is used to confined spaces and loves her little Purse.
Join Melody for more Teddy's and Softies at Thursday's Teddy Bear's Picnic.


  1. The little cat is so cute , your Mom did a great job and I love the horse in the purse too , very cute. Hope they enjoy the picnic.

  2. That Puss is so beautifully wonder they were a hit at the fetes etc. I love the little pony in it's special carry case. He'll be able to give all the teddies and dollies rides.

  3. Puss is delightful and obviously a wonderful memory of your mum's crafting. A great way of recycling, too. And I do love the pony in the purse and can see why your grand children would love it. I did have a good chuckle at your reference to Paris Hilton. I'm sure she would have carried a real pony too if she could find one small enough!

  4. Lovely things again this week. The little cat is fabulous, how wonderful you still have it. I love the pony in a bag, so sweet.

  5. You always have such interesting toys to show. The cat is cute and probably the only sort I'd be comfortable near. You know how I am with the furry critters!

  6. Great post Bronwyn, the little puss is not showing his age at all, and I love the pony in the purse, what a cute idea. also loved the photos of your Grandies, I didn't get to see them until today, they are gorgeous. Love R.