Friday, June 3, 2011

Floral Friday

Welcome to Floral Friday everyone.
Today is a bit cool with the wind starting to build and clouds covering the sky. I think the garden is in for a bit of a soaking later on.

Quite a few years ago my older daughter bought me these two little floral ornaments. I think they were for Mother's Day. I just love them and have them on my laundry windowsill. I chose that position because it is a room I spend a lot of time in, naturally, and it is a thoroughfare also. It is by no means an insult to these dear little pots of colour that they are in my laundry! I actually quite enjoy doing the washing and folding and ironing (when I have time)

This last picture is to show you their relative sizes as they are in situ on my laundry windowsill. They get a little dusty from time to time but I just get out the soft nailbrush and a bit of soap and they clean up like new again.

In the garden this week:
I planted 6 Camelias this week in shades from red and dark pink through to palest pink and creamy yellow. They are in a row across the back of the house and should look a treat in a couple of years. Can't wait! Some of them have buds so I'll post pics as soon as I can.
I bought them for a song in the local supermarket and an old bloke at the other checkout said to me - "How do you cook them?" We both chortled at his little joke then he told me that "Camelias don't do well here you know" I asked him why this was and he replied that it was too windy. So, we shall see! I am always, always up for a botanical challenge, it's about the only area of my life where I am obstinate and persistent. Tell me I can't grow it and I have to give it a try. Anyway I have seen plenty of evidence to the contrary regarding camellias. My DH just told me that he saw a camelia in the garden across the road and it was twice his size. "I thought you said they would only grow to 1.5m?" Well that is what it says on the tag. But I do recall seeing many an ancient camellia up as high as the house spouting. Still I don't think it's something we will have to concern ourselves about. For one thing it could take them 20 years or more to reach that height and if they do get too tall they will be trimmed so they don't interfere with the view.

Please share with us any Floral Fancies you have. I just love looking at any of your offerings

Enjoy your weekend and remember that dirty fingernails, hands stained green or brown, numerous nicks, bites, blisters and calloused spade, rake or broom pressure points are our badge of honour as Gardeners!


  1. I can't believe it Bronwyn. I came over to link to floral Friday and I am visitor 3000. Wow.

  2. Hello Bronwyn, I thought I'd link up with you today as Colourful Friday is doing flowers too.
    Hope that's ok :-)
    DO love your beautiful teapots.
    I love flowers!!

  3. Hi Bron, Your counter tricked me... or I am going completely nuts - its just gone back to 2344. Guess I'll just have to keep visiting.

  4. Hello Bronwyn,

    Good luck with your plant purchases,love and care go a long way to making plants grow.
    Happy days.

  5. The teapots are sweet ,just love them.