Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Grand Old Building

I was prompted by Pieta's comment to Tuesday's Treasures to show you some pictures of one of my favourite Melbourne buildings.
It is the ANZ building in Collins St. It was built in 1883-87 and is of Gothic Style.
Outside it is quite beautiful and inside it looks more like a Cathedral than a bank! Quite amazing.

The above picture was taken around the time of WW1, judging by the presence of motor-cars. It also appears as though there has been a recent fall of snow or very heavy hail. Both events most unusual for Melbourne city.
This is a picture of the beautiful front door to the bank.
"The Pyrmont sandstone fa├žade shows English, French and especially Venetian Gothic influences. Richly decorated cast-iron columns in the banking chamber support a bold, breathtaking ceiling, where the bolt heads and spandrel openings are coated in pure gold leaf and each group of four columns effectively frames a painted panel portraying the arms of the bank or one of its major places of operation." (
The above picture shows the carpet. The colours in the picture are quite washed out the picture above it is much more true to life.

The above picture show the bank in current use with the lamps beside the tellers desks.

And finally the 'Cathedral Room' in the old Stock exchange building behind the main bank room.What an extraordinarily beautiful room. And the floor - pictured below - wouldn't this make a marvelous quilt! The tiling is just beautiful. This was no doubt the biggest surprise and perhaps my favourite part of the building.
If you are interested in the history of this lovely old building take a look HERE.
I hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my favourite Melbourne building.

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