Sunday, June 5, 2011

I Found My Bears!

We've been going through some of the boxes that were still packed away in the barn and one of them contained some of my bears! Oh joy!!
These ones are Steiff bears (and dog) that are for sale on my website. That particular page is very sloppy and in desperate need of some tidying up by my daughter. Hopefully she will get time to do it tomorrow. I've been merrily adding pictures and pages to the website and making a real botch of it so she's going to have to tidy up after ME! Ha ha now there's some poetic justice eh!!
Isn't the dog just too cute. He's a 'Westie' and looks like he's had enough and is going to jump off the bed and chase the cat.
I just love the bear in the centre back. I have lost it's tags and the chest tag just says 'Original'. The others have numbers on their ear tags but not that one. He has a growler and the most gorgeous face. I may just keep him for my granddaughter. Shhh don't tell DH!

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  1. Oh they all so adorable! I bet they're glad to be out of the box too!!