Monday, October 15, 2012

Call yourself a CAT?

Kanga came trotting up the hall with a mouse, from the garage. I tried to 'shoosh' her out with it but she let it go and it ran into the bathroom. I shut the door and told her to "get on with it". 

This is what I found when I came back 10 minutes later.

I was so disgusted with her ineptitude that I chucked her out 
and put the mouse back in the garage!


  1. Ahhh , following in my footsteps of mouse release. You and I will be in Buddhist heaven in our next lives.

  2. Oh I am sorry but that is too cute.....considering I have just spent an awful amount of time with an imaginary bossy mouse lately I have to barrack for mousey.

  3. how funny! Maybe she just needed to have a little friend lol

  4. Lovely post and great photo Bronwyn, we think it might be a little native bush rat though, it has a very long tail. Cheers from Rosalie.

    1. I've done a bit of research Rosalie and I think it is a mouse. Native rats live outside on forest floor usually with a particular diet. Depending on the type of rat, tails can be shorter or longer than the house mouse. That little fellow has lived in the garage for months, under the drier I suspect, and eats scraps from the dogs bowl etc. And he was quite small. Perhaps your experience with bush rats is wider than mine with more compelling evidence than I found. Let me know. Hugs Bronwyn xx

  5. I agree with Val, a great photo. I can't help but giggle a little to myself though - my cat would do the same :-)

  6. that is really laughable. great photo!
    ps...I have tagged you in a game of blog tag. Go to my blog to read about it. No pressure - if you don't want to play along, no worries. Just a bit of fun.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs