Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Name

My Quilting Machine sold to a lovely couple from Cobar NSW. Colleen and John.
Colleen owns a quilting shop in Cobar and John does the quilting! What a great arrangement.
They drove all the way down and back to collect the machine and it is now installed, up and running! Wonderful.
All of this means that I have to come up with a new name for my blog and that it  will no longer have any quilting content. There will be occasional sewing but gardening will probably be the focus now.

My new craft is papercraft. I have taken up card making with a vengeance and love it! My little brain is ticking away at other ways of utilizing these fun techniques.

Here are some of my first attempts at card making:
My 'Pretties' range
and the insides are always decorated too
A Little Birdie told me!
Owl stamps - so cute
Don't forget the inside
Not my fav's but may be someone's cup of tea
love the insides
Lovely red and white card. Everything you see started off as plain white card.
SO - stay tuned as I come up with a new name for my blog. Hope everyone has a lovely day.


  1. what a lovely lot of cards there Browyn,well done.xx

  2. Hi Bronwyn,
    sorry your Quilting machine had to go, but congratulations and best wishes for your new venture,
    your cards are lovely, looking forward to seeing you next week.
    Love R.

  3. Gorgeous cards and I am so happy you are back posting in blog land. I just know I am going to love your gardening posts. Glad the quilting machine went to a good home. Oh! By the way I have very hard biscuits now. Lol :-)