Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

My treasure today is SPRING!
I just love Spring and I'm sure I'm not alone there.
This morning it was lovely and sunny and not freezing (I couldn't bring myself to say warm, cos it weren't!) ---
So I took to the camera and snapped some garden shots for you to help me celebrate Spring!'
Mint wrapped in Nasturtiums
The Girls - Notice the gate lying against the pen? This is to stop the girls from digging up their north garden. Notice the two pots elevated on bricks on the verandah? That's to stop the girls from muching on my Marjoram and Oregano! Naughty girls
Scratching in the sun. The little plum tree in front of the pen will provide lovely morning shade for the girls as it grows. To the north (right of pic) is another new tree. It is a pink Robinia. It will give the girls lots of shade in the summer and give me the joy of looking at the mass of gorgeous bunches of pink flowers every Spring. I can't wait!

Lots of lovely Lemons

Squillions of Mulberries

Blueberries galore

My glorious Dwarf flowering red peach and a girl busily about her business.
The Waratah - Corroboree - What can I say? Magnificent
A row of assorted lettuce
Tuscan Black Kale - full of antioxidants - Yum
Strawberries in the making

Species Geranium
Lavender - of course!
Pink English Bluebells
White English Bluebells
Bronze daisies
Hydrangea wrapped in Nasturtiums
Johnnies jumping up all over the place.

I hope you have enjoyed this little stroll around my Spring garden.
Please join Melody at The House on the Side of the Hill for more Tuesday Treasures


  1. Bronwyn what a lovely garden you have.xx

  2. I love visiting your garden Bronwyn.....so glorious. The girls look right at home now. All great treasure.

  3. I never thought about a blueberry bush but now I have seen yours, I am adding it to my want to grow list!! Love the violets too!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  4. Your garden is looking wonderful. Your girls fell on their little birdie feet when they came to live with you -chooky heaven.

  5. Thank you Bron for such a sweet ramble amongst your Spring treasures. I love the measures you've had to take against the chooks!!
    My faves would have to be that luscious lettuce row...yummm and the stunning dwarf red peach - wow I'm salivating already!
    I love that I can vicariously enjoy your gardening/self sufficiency adventures - living on a postage stamp in a flood-prone area makes for pots, which then dry out so quickly with the gusts from the river!
    My next gardening adventure is to make a compost area, which will then (hopefully) turn into a vegie patch. We NSWers, well we of the Clarence Valley, have moved to a very enlightened garbage collection. A green bin for organics (garden and kitchen scraps, including meat scraps!), a huuge yellow bin for recycling, and a red bin for plastics, nappies and the like.
    BUT - we who live on a postage stamp in rural residential don't GET a green bin, hence the need for a compost area. (Luckily?) it looks like flooding won't be on the agenda for a while. Shall keep you posted!