Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Little Sewing Project.

This Christmas it was Kindle readers all around in our family. Husband, Son in law, Sister in law and Daughter all got one! I don't read enough to make one worthwhile for me. I do listen to audiobooks though and find it a very convenient way of 'reading'. Anyway, that is degressing from the point of my post. My DD decided that she wanted a cover for hers so she chose some lovely butterfly fabric and got all the little beads out of mothballs and began her project. She got quite a way and then discovered that she had sewn the wrong butterfly! She was devastated and defeated. She threw it on the table and said 'blow it'! (no she didn't!) In fairness she was struggling with sleep deprivation (her 17 mo son is still waking through the night for a suckle) a headache and stomach cramps SO I offered to finish it for her. It was actually quite fun to do. I haven't done any beading for ages (which is probably quite apparent from the finished product).
Anyway I thought you may like to see it.
Here is the padded 'envelope' Kindle Cover. 
If anyone is interested I will post a pictorial 'how to' hopefully in the next couple of days. This will be for the making of the little envelope, not the beading.
I made one for DH too but didn't bother to photograph it. It is very 'blokey' and boring, just as he ordered it to be! ;o) They are simply for storage to stop the screens from getting scratched.
The Kindle in the pic is too big for this cover, just in case you were wondering. But it shows you what I'm talking about. The Kindle simply slips into the 'envelope' cover and the flap buttons shut.
So there we are; a tiny project but so nice to get something pretty done so quickly. The cover measures about 5" x 7". I was surprised at how quick the beading is to do and as I said good fun too!


  1. The kindle cover is beautiful, love all that beading ,you did a fantastic job!

  2. The beading really is beautiful. I am almost tempted to try it:) The butterfly fabric is lovely.

  3. So beautiful, Bronwyn. Clever you.

  4. Beautiful Bronwyn. I bet your DD is very pleased she has such a lovely clever MUM.

  5. Dear Bronwyn,
    Just found your blog.
    Wow, that kindle cover is simply divine! I will be sure to follow your blog.

    Its nice to blog chat with some one so close (I live in Pakenham) and not someone in another country.

    I read through your blog and I hope your Christmas was good. It is hard when your folks are not there.
    When I lost my Mum my world crumbled,(I was 27,getting marred 3 months later) but now that I am married and have kids of my own
    I agree that the seats are filled with new memory makers.
    I did notice that you were thinking of selling your Gammill Quilting Machine. If this is still the case please email me the details and I will come take a look,

    Hugs to you Bronwyn,
    Yours in stitching,