Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year in my January garden!

I was up early, on account of having a rotten bug for several days and clearly getting way too much sleep! So now I'm back to normal and only feeling really tired when it's extremely inconvenient, like just before dinner time. Oh boo-hoo, get over it - you would quite rightly be saying just now.
Anyway I was up and thought I had better get the blog updated for the new year and I had a thought about taking a pic of the particularly unusual purple hydrangea outside the window. So .... I grabbed the camera and stepped outside just as I was - light cotton nightie and new summer slippers.
I thought to myself - Oooooo, self, ooooo just lookie over there at that shattering orange rose sker.. reaming to be photographed too. Now, self, the grass shouldn't be too wet, it was a warm night... So out I step and discovered that the grass was a little wet, um well perhaps wetter than I should be walking on with my new slippers, um too far now, oops better remove slippers.
So there I go on the very wet grass barefoot, camera in hand, tip-toeing around the bees on the clover in the grass in my skimpy cotton nightie feeling very grateful that the building is now finished next door and that the new owners are away. Rose after rose called to me - "Look at me!" How could I resist?
So here are the pics of the particularly unusually coloured hydrangea (hereafter know as the Puch) the vociferous roses, some pansies and dear penstamon not hitherto mentioned but none the less one of my faves.
Here is Puch - Labelled Strawberries and Cream! Ha!
This is labelled Strawberries and Cream also! Very odd.
My recycled wheel barrow full of pansies etc.
The shattering, unlabelled, sideways (succumbing to the Easterlies) orange rose.
Rosa Mutabalis - So many colours on the one bush - gorgeous.
Beautiful Tiffany my 1954 release rose.
Playboy - Wow this looks like a painting
Peace - delicate perfection
Oklahoma - colour and perfume sensation
Pom-poms of frilly bicoloured gorgeousness
Delicate penstamon - (will grow quite large)
Another penstamon - very hardy, pretty and useful plant
I hope you have enjoyed your early morning stroll around my garden. Come by anytime!

Next post I will fill you in about my spiders and butterflies!


  1. Gorgeous flowers Bronwyn. Hope 2012 is a wonderful year for you and your lovely family.

  2. What a way to start the day but with a visit to your gorgeous garden Bron. The roses...devine.
    Happy New year dear girl and I hope it is as special as you are. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wow - what an absolute delish way to start the year! I love Playboy's ruffles, and the hydrangea look like they've got different acidity levels in those two different plots. Gorgeous colours. Have a healthy and happy new year! Much love Catriona xxoo