Thursday, July 14, 2011


Mmmm ... yes ... Winter in Korumburra!
We have WAY more than our fair share of rain - which, incidentally is the reason I insisted that we move down here! Which, clearly means I should not complain!
Every morning we have to greet Harry, our rather exuberant 6 month old Brittany pup. Now Harry has a lovely yard, well potentially lovely. There is plenty of grass in his yard, which surprises me as it is effectively underwater so the yard is rather like a rice paddy.
Harry, bless his little cotton socks, is so happy to see us in the morning and due to his aforementioned exuberance cannot help but jump. Somehow his long lunging legs remind me of a Funnel Web Spider raising her front legs ready to strike. The speed with which this happens always, ALWAYS, takes me by surprise. I try to turn my back but that just means that my back gets two lovely paw prints instead of my front. (Digressing a little, this is exactly what happened to my daughter the other morning. She had two very clear paw prints on the bottom of her t-shirt. I told her it clearly read "Good" on the left buttock and "Morning" on the right one.)
So as my reflexes ain't all they used to be I have resurrected my waterproof 'snow' overpants. It appears as though I was about a size 25 when I got these, perhaps it was the only size they had - you know, the one size fits all lie!
Anyway I just had to share this moment with you. So here I am about to greet young Harry.
One thing I just love about my sodden paddock is that as you walk on it you can hear the water moving through the ground, or along the ground. You can HEAR it trickling all the time. When you jump it sounds like a brush on a cymbal and you can hear the water sort of fizzing as it is radiating away from you like the rings on the surface of a pool when a stone in thrown into it. It never ceases to amaze me. So there I am out there in my soggy paddock just jumping every now and then. Haha the workers on next door's house must really wonder about me!
PS: I have to have a 'procedure' tomorrow so I won't be having Floral Friday this week.


  1. I love your snow pants and I do know about the 'one size doesn't fit anyone' labels. I love that your neighbours workmen are wondering about you. LOL! Keep 'em guessing that's my motto....just imagining what they're telling your neighbours fills me with glee!!
    Good luck tomorrow...hope all is ok.

  2. Oh that post brought a smile to my face Bronwyn, such a great look,I could just picture you down there in your paddock in those pants, I'm sure you will be happy in the Summer, when our grass is all dry and brown and yours is green and lush.Anyway dear girl all our best wishes for tomorrow. Love R.

  3. Hope all went well and that you are back in your lovely "one size fits all" pants. The epitome of high fashion!