Thursday, July 21, 2011

Floral Friday

Let's warm up a bit!

I - am - cold!

So .....
I have scoured my photo album for some pictures to try to warm me up;
This first one is at Yeppoon in Qld. We were just a stone's throw from Great Keppel Island which can be seen through the coconut palms.
This picture always warms me up:Below: On the Golf Course at Yeppoon. There were beautiful old palms, bamboo forests, lakes full of waterlillies and wonderful lush tropical scrub all around this course. It was an absolute delight to zip around it in our buggy. There is DH down there striding across the green.Below: Here I am in the buggy on one of the beautiful fairways. Just take a squiz at all the bunkers on this hole. I lost count! I really wished that I had brought my "What tree is that?" book with me!Now over to the other side of the country and a little trip we did from Perth down to Albany and around Margaret River etc.
We were lucky enough to plan this trip when most of the wildflowers were still flowering.
Below: Here is the state's floral emblem - Stunning! Click on the pic for a closer look.Below: Look at this fabulous show lining one of the coastal roads. I wish my driveway looked this good.Below: Here I am in front of a Giant Tingle Tree. I wanted to pat them and hug them and tell them how magnificent they were!And some more flowers beside the road to Albany.And Grass Trees of course
I hope you have enjoyed this little look at some warm weather plants and vistas.
Please feel free to share with me anything floral, tropical or pictures that simply warm you too look at them:


  1. Beautiful photos and it did warm me up. The W.A flowers were gorgeous....and I loved the big old tree.

  2. Such beautiful flowers. Is that a kangaroo paw for the WA emblem? It looks amazing.