Saturday, July 9, 2011

Heather's Quilt

I thought you may like to see this gorgeous quilt that my husband's cousin, Heather, made for a family friend. The quilt is big enough for a single bed and has been hand appliqued with blanket stitch.
Heather asked me to quilt it for her and I was just thrilled with the result. She was happy for me to share the finished product on my blog.
All applique was either stippled or stitched. Borders and sashings were loop stippled. Jaxon block was diagonally stitched along the tiny white checkerboard squares (that was the bit that gave me RSI! and forearm cramping and you can't even see it!)
The aeroplane block is quilted with clouds, wind swirls and birds.The train block is quilted with smoke from the chimney, rail tracks, roadside plants, flowers and a water tower.The car block is quilted with clouds, plants and sun rays.The truck block is quilted with trees, hills and roadside plants.Finally the ship block is quilted with stars, calm water and fireworks. This is my favourite block.
Jaxon is a lucky little boy, don't you agree?


  1. What a fantastic did a beautiful job quilting it. I get scared just thinking about how you did all that. Very clever girl.

  2. Wonderful quilt & your quilting is amazing. You should both be proud! Tracee xx

  3. Congratulations to Heather,the Quilt is fabulous, and to you Bronwyn for the wonderful Quilting. Lucky Jaxon,any little boy would love that quilt. Cheers R.