Sunday, April 24, 2011

Quilting Marathon

Firstly the important matter of Chocolate!
I hope everyone has had a lovely Easter Weekend and is full to pussy's bow with chocolate - (I hope this because it would make me feel so much better to know that I'm not the only chocoholic in blogland!)

Secondly I am happy to announce the completion of my
Quilting Marathon

on this quilt made by my SIL. (Sadly Michelle, she is a very productive quilter and crafter AND has a ridiculously tidy craft room - All those who wish her inflicted with a pestilence .. raise your current project, if you can find it!)

This quilt is HUGE.
First: I quilted the outer border with an edge to edge design which had to be adjusted for each row to allow for the triangles around the centre.

Second: I cross hatched all 48 nine-patch blocks diagonally; an exercise which used up quite some Panadol to counter the discomfort in my aching fingers, wrists and shoulders from hours and hours of holding a ruler steady to keep the stitching in straight lines.

Third: I quilted 17 motif designs on the plain blocks with the help of my daughter who worked at the front of the machine making sure I started and finished in the same place.
Now this is one of the reasons that people buy Stattler Stitchers or computerised additions for their quilting machines. To say that these motifs are wobbly is an understatement. But, you know they are done by hand, not by computer and the human element does show.

Fourth: The 17 flowers blocks were stippled. I probably could have found a much nicer bit of stippling for the photograph. Never mind.
All up it took me 14 and a half hours of quilting. Two full days work. Big job. Nice quilt. Happy with the result.


  1. Brilliant job, both your SIL & yourself. You must both be very proud. Happy Easter! Tracee xx

  2. It looks fabulous, Bronwyn. Happy to hear the Easter bunny was good to you. Hugs.

  3. Bronwyn the quilt is beautiful. Wish my stippling looked as good! Good luck with the babysitting.

  4. Wow! The quilt is beautiful. Well done to you both. You are not alone in the chocoholic field I am right their with you and NO! I don't need help. I am happy just as I am. Throughly ADDICTED!!

  5. Hi, I'm the SIL, after spending all those hours, needleturn appliqueing the flowers and then putting together the 9 foot plus quilt I was thrilled with the job Bronwyn did and so is my MIL who I made the quilt for, of course I still have over 36 foot of binding to put on before MIL gets the finished quilt. UGH!

  6. What a fantastic project. It must look amazing in the flesh.