Friday, April 22, 2011

Floral Friday

Happy Easter to everyone!
(Just a slight digression to start)
I've just downed 2.5 homemade Hot-Cross buns and they were spectacular (even if I do say so myself) I'm looking for an excuse to sneak back into the kitchen for a cup of tea and another bun. So yummy!!

I have chosen a bit of a mix for my Floral Friday pictures.

Firstly is a stunning Kangaroo Paw which has been flowering for months. It is absolutely amazing. I was a little sceptical regarding it's survival when we planted it, as this area has heavy soil. The garden then turned into a bog from heavy spring and summer rains at which point I was completely resigned to it's imminent death BUT lo and behold it not only survived but has thrived!! Outstanding result! I am a happy little vegemite.

Secondly is a darling flowering gum which hangs over my fence from the next property. It is festooned - YES - festooned! with squillions of these delicate little pom-poms in the winter and just a joy to see.
Next is a couple of cross snap-dragons. They have just had a rather snappy argument about whether they are pink or puce. I can't say as I care really as I find all snap-dragons to be of utterly glorious colour.

Lastly is this sweet little sea-side daisy.
This little plant was growing out from a sleeper wall. It was it's own idea and I was happy to let it crawl around wherever it liked on that wall.
This would be perhaps my favourite ground cover. It is so easy to grow, needs so little water, flowers for so long and looks so beautiful.
I hope you have enjoyed looking at these pictures.
Please join in and let's see some of your favourite flowers.

Next week I will be minding my 17 month old granddaughter while her mother is in London enjoying her 10 day prize! Lucky duck! If I forget to post a Floral Friday next week please forgive me. It's been a long time since I had a little one for more than a day's babysitting! Should be fun!

The following week (May 6th) I'll be back home and Floral Friday will be all about ROSES! Ooooo I can't wait. Please join in and post lots of pics of your favourites.


  1. I love the kangaroo paws and the snap dragons certainly are bright. I also love roses but don't have one in the garden. Hope you have a lovely Easter. When I read your bit about the buns I remembered that I had some in the fridge to share with the daughters and grandma but forgot about them! They have all gone home now but I can't let the buns go to waste :)

  2. Beautiful photos lovely Bronwyn. Have a wonderful Easter. Hugs.

  3. Happy Easter Bronwyn to you and yours, please pass on our love to Dot, I love your garden photos, you are lucky, we can't grow Kangaroo Paws in our clay soil here. Love R.

  4. Beautiful photos and flowers. I just love snapdragons. My Mum always used to grow them along with Stocks which always smelled devine.
    Good luck with your babysitting duties and I'll try to rustle up some kinda roses for the 6th (might be pretend ones)Can't wait to see what you have in store for it.
    Happy Easter to you and yours.