Friday, April 8, 2011

Floral Friday

I love walking around the garden in the early morning. The light is magical especially as it sparkles off the dew on all the leaves and flowers.

Here are some pics I took early this morning:

This leaf was just hanging in mid-air.
It was a little hard to focus as it kept fluttering and spinning gently on it's single gossamer thread.
These rose leaves appear to be sugar coated with their pretty coating of dew.
My small Golden Delicious apple tree has six apples ready to eat and they look so pretty and tempting in the early morning light.
Lastly is this morning web. I'm not good enough with the camera to get the whole web into focus but I quite like the hint of web, being out of focus, spreading out in the background.
(If you click on the image you will be able to see the web more clearly)

Please join me today with any floral pictures you have.
Next week I thought a theme of Favourite Floral Fabrics might be fun. This gives you time to rummage through your stash.
You may even like to put in some fabrics that are still in your stash for good reason! You know, the ones that you look at now and think "What on EARTH was I thinking!" haha - Could be fun!


  1. That floating leaf photo is fantastic and all the others. You are so good with your camera :)

  2. You really have the soul and talent of a true artist. Just beautiful.

  3. Hi Bronwyn, I have been putting some buttons on my blog for various blog days and I was wondering if you would like a button for floral Friday. I was thinking just a favourite garden photo of yours with Floral Friday written on it and maybe a narrow border or more fancy if you like.

  4. Oh Bronwyn, this is my favourite time in the garden too... enjoy xx

  5. Beautiful pictures! I really love the "floating" leaf! And the little black kitty on your post is just too cute.

    Ps: Thank you for leaving your kind words on my post regarding my MIL. You don't know how much I appreciated them.