Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Treasures

No surprise that my Tuesday Treasure is, once again, my garden and the glorious flowers therein! And a little pup added in there as well! How could I not?
Oh YES, it is so windy today and quite a challenge to get things to hold still long enough to get a focus! I had some ripper pics that were not in focus - ah well. These will have to do.
Please click on any of the images to get a closer look. Especially the pic with the bee - Now you will have to start looking for it - hehe
Salvia - with beautiful furry flowers!

Pink Penstemon and the furry Salvia

Red Penstemon

White Nerine

Adorable Lolla

Grus en Achen

Vermillion Geranium

Pink Geranium - A piece I pinched from another plant

Maurice Utrillo (Delbard Rose)

Copper Daisy

French Lavender

Modern Lavender - not sure which one


Kangaroo Paw

Rosa Chinensis Mutabilis with a bee, see her shadow? and an aphid!

Rhododendron which is very confused about the seasons

Penstemon Pandamonium

Apricot Nastursium and dear little Lolla who was munching on my camera strap every time I squatted down to take a picture. Then I would start to get up and find she was attached!
I hope you have enjoyed another wander around my garden. Please join Melody at The House on the Side of the Hill for more fabulous Tuesday Treasures.


  1. Well your garden is a true treasure and a rare pleasure....no doubt about it. I am genuinely excited as I actually have a pink geranium like yours....does that mean I am a real gardener???
    Just gorgeous pics. Sorry I am so late commenting we seem to be having 'signal' problems in our area at the moment and it keeps dropping out...very annoying!

  2. what gorgeous flowers Brownyn and how cute is that puppy.xx