Saturday, April 14, 2012

A New Puppy

Introducing Lolla - my new puppy.
Little personality pup, Lolla
Lolla is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Miniature Poodle
Her mother was a Blenheim CKCSpaniel and her Dad a Red Miniature Poodle. Her fur seems to get thicker and longer every day. She is 8 weeks old and weighs just 2kg. And she is completely irrisistable - As you can clearly see.
She is such a good girl and learns so quickly. I have only had her for a week and she already comes bolting when I call her name. Well, who wouldn't really, when the reward is a lot of fussing and a fabulous tummy rub!
So this is the reason that I have been off the air for a while. That and school holidays, visitors etc.
As Lolla is an 'inside' dog I have to watch her all the time she is awake to avoid too many 'accidents'. She just loves going outside too and will go out and sit on the verandah just looking across to the cattle next door. Haha a real country girl. When Harry is out 'training' with the hunting dummy, Lolla follows him around and races from point to point after him. She occasionally gets the dummy and chews it furiously or growls ferociously over it. Hahaha very cute.
Lolla and Harry socializing through the fence. Harry is very exuberant and still a bit rough for her, although she does follow him around the paddock when he is 'training'.
Her best subject is digging in the damp soil. Her second best subject is scrambling up on the couch when no-one is looking! I often find her curled up on a cushion or my super-soft plush throw (formerly Kanga's super-soft plush throw)
Kanga is a wee tad miffed. I made the choice of a pup over a kitten as I thought she would be less ticked off with another species. She has made herself somewhat scarce and seems to have concentrated on her hunting skills. I saw her gobbling down a mouse under the decking yesterday - Oh YUK! She still comes in wanting her special cuddles and smooches, although less frequently. I hope she adjusts soon.
Kanga - cuddly cat
Bailey (our foster kitten) on the other hand, thinks Lolla is quite a treat and loves to whack him with her gloved left hook. They banter a lot. It's fun to watch.
Bailey, our 'foster cat'


  1. Aww she is such a cutie. Love Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

  2. Well she is a pretty young lass isn't she. So so cute!! You are getting quite a menagerie there Bronwyn. All gorgeous furry kids.

  3. As a well known cat person, I have to say - Lolla is absolutely gorgeous! Oh, I just want a big snuggle with those ears. Poor Kanga, there will be a settling in period, Brutus is great at giving me a wide birth when he thinks I have done wrong. It took him a long six months to come right after Honey came to live with us. It's all worth it though to have more happy fur babies. Tracee xx

  4. She is so very beautiful and I have fallen in love!

  5. Such a cute puppy. They certainly are a bit more sociable than cats. I hope Kanga is not too put out.