Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So much fun!

Today my daughter and I made our first Gingerbread House.
It was great fun. We had a couple of anxious moments but it worked out just fine and the finished product is very cute.
Stage 1
The mixture started off very soft but after being in the fridge for a while it was fine and much easier to work with. We used silicone molds which were fabulous. We rolled the dough and laid it in the molds and then packed it full to the top of each one to make sure the walls would be thick enough. It worked extremely well. After cooking it was left to cool in the molds.

April working on Stage 2
- We had lollies and sticky icing from one end of the joint to the other! Haha there was much licking of fingers (and then washing of same!) and eating of rejected lollies - Well really, you just can't put one back in the pack if it's too small or broken - can you?

Da Dah! Complete with little Freckles and Musk Sticks Mushrooms. Sour sticks on the windows. *Marshmallow ropes around the roofline and on the corners of the house (*a wondrous find in the supermarket) A pile of Jersey Caramels in the yard for hay bales. Licorice logs beside the house and with Jaffas along the path and White Choc discs for roof shingles. There are assorted marshmallow bits and pieces around the house including the Santa on the left.

The Cooks Extraordinaire!
We look very pleased with ourselves don't we! Haha. It was great fun but I think we will both be suffering from our excessive sugar intake today. Ughhh!! April's off to training tonight - good on her - I'm NOT!


  1. Beautiful what a great job....are those smiles from the sugar rush from eating all those sweeties. Mine would be the gingerbread house with the terrible yard....i'd have eaten all the lollies.

  2. It is a real work of art! All the details are great. It will take a large swarm of small children to make a dent in it - or maybe a small swarm of bigger people :D

  3. It is beautiful... :O) And so is the photo of you and your daughter!

  4. Lovely Bron, I'm sure the family will be delighted, What a wonderful table centre decoration it will make. Happy Christmas, Love R.

  5. Looks great and I think a well deserved pat on the back.

  6. Fabulous gingerbread house! Oh yes - our family also knows about those broken or leftover bits of lolly or chocolate that CANT go back in the pack!! - I just posted about one that my daughter made -lucky you we did not know about silicone moulds, maybe next year we will be more organised! Did you all find it hard to 'break into it' and eat it? We did!!