Sunday, December 11, 2011

Favourite Christmas Decorations

Have to start with the Christmas Tree of course.   
We got this huge tree for our other house which had very high ceilings but it fits in the new house thank goodness. The new LED lights are WAY brighter than I thought they would be and when they flash, it appears from the other room, as though the nutty professor is busy in his laboratory!! 
The tree is covered in long tinsel which HAS TO BE placed on individually. This is the kind of Christmas fanaticism which has, apparently, wounded my children for life and I suspect secretly labelled me 'Gestapo Christmas Mum!' Haha tough, it looks so good when it's done properly.
Applique Snowmen Wallhanging
I made this wall hanging a few years back and just love it. 
All the little mittens hang over buttons sewn on the quilt.

Another wallhanging which is a Spotlight Panel - easy peasy
On the right is my tin Santa. I really splurged when I bought him but just couldn't resist!
His Toy Sack comes off his back as do some of the gifts inside. He is quite large at about 30cm

Debbie Mumm Wallhanging
I bought this wallhanging from the Debbie Mumm Store. 
It was made by her to photograph for the pattern and signed by her on the back.
It is approx 60cm square.
Two gorgeous Snowmen
Snowman on the left was given to me by my SIL and the fellow on the right was made for me by Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill. They are both a little rustic and I love them.
Softie Santa and friends
This is another decoration that I splurged on, can't remember where or when.
Cute little Santa tea-light holder

Tea-light Christmas Houses
These two little houses look so quaint with the candles burning inside. 
They weren't expensive and are definite favourites.

So there it is. I hope you have enjoyed seeing the things that give me some Christmas joy.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!


  1. That's a mum's job to make sure things are done right. I love your snowmen wall hanging best but all are gorgeous. Thanks for showing. Tracee xx

  2. Lovely decorations and I especially love the snowman wall hanging with the mittens , that is adorable!

  3. Just gorgeous!!! Very jealous of the Debbie Mumm original. I think the tea light house a beautiful....Your house and tree looks beautiful.
    PS sorry all my replies and emails to you are still coming back 'delivery failed'